Week 6 of C.H.O.P. 2/11/20-2/13/20

In our final week of this C.H.O.P. session, we celebrated the best way we know how, Taco Tuesday and Pizza (and cleaning) Party!

Week 5 of C.H.O.P. 2/4/20-2/6/20

Those big beautiful smiles can only mean one thing: WE ARE BAKING PIES!

Week 4 of C.H.O.P. 1/28/20-1/30/20

This week was all about family recipes. Chef Kelby showed off his family’s quiche recipe, while Adrienne taught us how to make the salad that she brings to every barbecue she goes to!

Week 3 of C.H.O.P. 1/21/20-1/23/20

Chef Anthony was in the mood for rolled up food this week. We learned how to make lasagna rolls, then made some sushi. One brave young man actually tried his first bite of sushi this night! Look at Tony’s Tiger Rolls!

Week 2 of C.H.O.P. 1/14/20-1/16/20

One skill that everyone needs to master is the ability to make pancakes. This week we cooked up some flapjacks from scratch, and then practiced more knife skills by making flatbread pizzas.

Week 1 of C.H.O.P. 1/7/20 – 1/9/20

What better way to kick off a new session of C.H.O.P. than with some gooey pasta, and chicken wings! We picked up some knife skills and learned how to look cool tossing chicken wings in buffalo sauce! Knife Skills



Week 5 of C.H.O.P. 4/2/19 – 4/4/19

This week, we took a break from the culinary arts to focus on job readiness. We welcomed in a Human Resource Manager from one of St. Louis’s largest companies who walked us through expectations in interviews, how to answer various questions, and how we should identify our unique strengths. We finished up the week with mock interviews and had a long discussion about proper handshakes. (Handshakes may still be a work in progress, but I am confident we will get there.)


Week 4 of C.H.O.P. 3/26/19 – 3/28/19

We learned how to break down a whole chicken, and then made chicken broth! Some of us even tried chicken liver. (Bad Idea.) Luckily the day was saved by this beautiful quiche we baked off.

Week 3 of C.H.O.P. 3/19/19 – 3/21/19

This week’s focus was all about baking. We played with various kinds of dough which we turned into knotted rolls and pizza!

Week 2 of C.H.O.P. 3/12/19 – 3/14/19

We learned all about pasta and made pasta from scratch!

Week 1 of C.H.O.P. 3/5/19 – 3/7/19

This week, we learned basic culinary terms as well as familiarized ourselves with our kitchen.