Sudden Impact I.C.U.


Saving Our Youth

Sudden Impact I.C.U. is a not-for-profit Organization dedicated to offering life altering support and skill development through inspirational speaking and job employment resources to inspire at-risk youth to reach their greatest potential. Heal ST. LOUIS, MO.


Our Purpose

We are dedicated to reaching At Risk Youth as a service to youth who are placed in social and economic hardships that may result in homelessness, living in juvenile centers, or the division of youth services.

 We have committed volunteers

Provide motivation through mentor-ship and guest speaking

Assist with communication skills vital to opening doors to jobs and relationships

Provide job preparedness AND connections for job opportunities

Emphasize culinary skill development 

 Emphasize the use of the Arts (dance, poetry, music, drama) as a way of positive,  creative, expression, personal development, as a teaching method of entertainment and self support



Sudden Impact I.C.U. was established June 2017 in St. Louis, MO as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. We are an organization that focuses on aiding the youth that have been detained to the juvenile detention center as well as those who reside in living facilities based on their economic and behavioral circumstances in the St. Louis metropolitan area. We know that these children can be empowered through the mentor-ship and resources that we provide. Sudden Impact a resource for any youth groups in the area that can benefit from skills that our committed volunteers provide.

Our organization has developed a Feed the Youth program aligned with Epworth Children’s Services that offers a place of safety, refuge, life skills, training and healthy lunch and dinner to the youth that visit their drop-in center. Sudden Impact I.C.U. is also partnered with St. Louis County Family Courts, St. Vincent Home for Children and Ballpark Village to offer mentorship through guest speaking and job resources.

We are driven by a theme of Redemption and Prevention.

Our Programs:

St. Louis County Family Courts “Project Put the Guns Down” guest speaking

Epworth Children’s Services Feed the Youth

St. Vincent Home for Children’s C.H.O.P. (Culinary Hospitality Outreach Program)

Ballpark Village employment opportunities

Our Programs are designed to:

Build character

Develop ethics, accountability and confidence

Provide skills for job preparedness